what we do

We are an international organisation based in Europe running both full trainings and shorter programms worldwide promoting a new way of looking at movement education.


When a child is taught through Bothmer® he/she is presented with the possibility to more readily master the forces of space which pass through and around them. The six directions and three planes of space, each have a particular nature which the child is able to develop through the practice of chosen activities. The space around and between us is alive with quality which asks to be worked and managed.

Different parts of the body have different functions in movement and these need to be helped to develop.

The results of this education over time can be seen in health, posture, coordinative ability, confidence and ease of movement

Self education

We run both, full trainings and shorter programmes worldwide, promoting a new way of looking at movement education.

The aim of Bothmer® movement International is to train people to professionally work with Bothmer movement or just cultivate self perception to strengthen the relationship to our body and the space and people around us. Through the understanding of the human organisation in its many levels, as practically experienced through Bothmer® movement, a qualitative enhancement in the various professional fields in which people work with Bothmer movement, as well as in all situations of everydays life will be possible.


Bothmer movement therapy is a way of perceiving, treating and preventing health problems.

We are offering consciously modelled movement possibilities, designed to integrate and balance the dynamic postural planes of space of the body. They establish vital physiological equilibrium of form and function, gravity and levity, point to periphery and visa versa.

Through the application of conscious harmonious movement sequences a therapeutic process is harnessed that enables a range of movement abilities and disabilities to be treated

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